Whether you're taking your dog on a tour of Europe or sending your dairy heifers to China, we have a fully qualified DAFF vet to help you every step of the way.

Dr Rebel Skirving is the only DAFF accredited veterinarian for companion animals in the South East.

Rebel is experienced and fully qualified in providing supportive assistance for pets travelling overseas. Rebel can help you with all your pet's necessary documentation, tests, vaccinations (including rabies) and travel arrangements and has helped pets travel safely to destinations such as England, Wales, Hong Kong, New Zealand and America.

Dr Rebel Skirving is also DAFF accredited for livestock export and is accredited by the Australian Cattle Veterinarians (ACV) to pregnancy test cattle for export. Each country of destination has its own unique regulations relating to livestock importation and Rebel is able to help you meet these requirements.


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