Canine Reproduction

Gambier Vets are committed to helping you and your dog on their reproductive journey.

We offer assisted insemination, as well as fresh, chilled or frozen semen surgical insemination for all dog breeds. Gambier Vets is accredited by Greyhounds Australasia as an approved facility for storage and insemination of canine semen.

Dr Rebel Skirving is accredited in Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination (FSAI). Please contact our clinic for further information.

Progesterone Testing

Gambier Vets have an in-house progesterone machine that allows us to accurately monitor and gain a better understanding of each dog's oestrus cycle. This helps us to identify the optimal breeding date to increase pregnancy success rates.

Progesterone testing can be used to monitor levels prior to whelping and caesareans, to increase the safety and viability of the mother and pups.


Gambier Vets offers assisted insemination and surgical insemination with either fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

Natural Insemination - The male and female dog mate naturally, with no assistance.

Assisted Insemination -The semen is collected from the male dog and inseminated into the female dog's vagina via a Mavic catheter.

Surgical Insemination -The female dog is placed under a general anaesthetic. The semen (fresh, chilled or frozen) is inseminated into the uterus.


Gambier Vets perform both elective and emergency caesareans. In-house progesterone testing can be useful close to the whelping date to assist in the decision of when it is safe to perform an elective caesarean.

Semen Collection

Collecting semen for storage (chilled or frozen) is a specialised procedure not currently offered at Gambier Vets.
Gambier Vets can refer you to a reproductive clinic should you wish to have semen collected. After collection, it can be stored at our clinic for future use.

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